Dance Non-Stop With BT Infinity

  • December 26, 2013

Mcasso worked with AMV to create music for the latest instalment of the ‘BT Infinity Flatmates’ campaign titled ‘Dance’. The advert focuses on the stop-start nature of streaming music with slow broadband, and features the original electropop track composed by Mcasso’s Richard Atkinson for the commercial.

With Isla having such slow broadband, viewers aren’t able to listen to the track in full – we are able to exclusively reveal the full track below. (Assuming your internet connection is quick enough to stream it…!)

Music For BT

In addition to the latest advert, we are delighted to have worked on several of the recent BT infinity adverts. Check out the videos below:

Kiss Kiss
Mcasso composed a cool blues track for a spot which features the housemates struggling to find a  TV show which suits them all.

Simon’s Girlfriend
Mcasso composed a retro romantic piece as Simon & Isla’s romance becomes official…eventually.

BT-PartyPic-NEWSMcasso’s sister search & clearance company Curved Arrow sourced the spooky Deadmau5 track ‘Moar Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff‘ for the housemates’ Halloween Party.