Mcasso Music – Inspired by ADCAN


Image: Mr. Plastimime – Music by Mcasso

Mute the sound whilst watching a horror film or romantic drama, and watch it with no music – remind yourself of the impact music has on visual media.

Adverts have the same relationship and dependence on music, and we at Mcasso work alongside Agencies and Directors to interpret their musical aspirations with regard to their visual projects.

Following attending the ADCAN Awards 2017 Filmmaker & Animator Party – we have been inspired to help upcoming Filmmakers and Animators, and the ADCAN selected charities, by offering composed music to selected entrants, chosen by our team, in the 2017 ADCAN Competition.

We have access to a wide range of composers, specialising in all different types of music, from classical orchestral, to contemporary electronic or indie rock – and much more.

We will offer 6 filmmakers/animators access to a Mcasso supervised composer to give them the opportunity to collaborate on their entry.

We’ll then invite you to Mcasso’s Sound Studios in Carnaby Street for an initial production meeting (or we can arrange a video call if you are based outside of the UK). Then, once you are happy with the completed piece of music – we’ll invite you back, where one of our in-house sound engineers will be on hand to create the final mix for you.

Mcasso CEO, Mike Connaris, said “We are very pleased and always excited to work with up and coming filmmakers. ADCAN is such a wonderful project and is beneficial to all parties involved. Mcasso would love to play a part by putting together talented composers and filmmakers to help realise their potential.”

How To Contact Mcasso

Spaces are limited, so if you would like to be considered – please email before 9am (UK Time) Wednesday 19th July with a brief description of your film (or the film itself if possible) along with a paragraph stating how your film could benefit from composed music.

About Mcasso

Mcasso is one of the UK’s leading music production companies, composing and producing the highest quality music from our recording studios in Carnaby Street, Soho, London. We have a team of experienced composers and sound engineers, dedicated to producing quality work for global brands.

We compose, arrange and produce all styles of music and sound design, working with Advertising Agencies, Brands, Film Companies, TV Companies and Radio Stations from all over the world.

Our production offices and recording studios are located within metres of the famous Carnaby Street arch.

Key Dates

> 9am (UK time) Wed 19th July – Mcasso submission deadline
> Friday 21st July – Mcasso to contact selected entrants
> Mon 24th-Friday 28th July – Mcasso Initial Meetings
> Mon 7th-Friday 11th August – Mcasso Sound Sessions
> 23:59 (UK time) Aug 15th – ADCAN Competition Deadline

We hope to hear from you soon – give us a ring on 0207 734 3664, or email if you have any questions at all!

Image: Huawei #Don’tSnapShoot – Music By Mcasso