Say No More…It’s Mr. Plastimime!

  • May 30, 2014

The Mcasso team were delighted to attend the premiere of short film Mr. Plastimime, the latest short film by Tandem’s Oscar winning director Daniel Greaves. It is a dark yet romantic story about an under-appreciated mime artist and his adoring secret admirer. The love story features some great comedy moments, and contains a surprising twist at the end, making this short film a future classic.

Mcasso’s Mike MacLennan wrote the score and it was recorded by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. Tom Martin created sound design for the film and produced the final mix, whilst the end credits music features the vocals of BBC Radio 1 DJ, Greg James. His song “I Raised My Hat” was written by Mike Connaris, and you can listen to the full length version below:

Find out more about in the film, including details of upcoming screenings on the Official Mr. Plastimime Website.