Best Sound For Mr. Plastimime

  • December 03, 2014

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Plastimime picked up ‘Best Sound’ at the Brazil International Stop Motion Film Festival! Earlier this year, we worked with Oscar-winning Director Daniel Greaves to compose the Score, Sound Design, and Closing Credits for his latest Short Film.

Mcasso Composer Mike MacLennan travelled to Bratislava with Mike Connaris and Daniel Greaves to record the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. You can watch the ‘Making Of The Score’ below:

Also, we scouted the BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James to provide the vocals for the Closing Theme, a track composed by Mcasso’s Mike Connaris called ‘I Raise My Hat’, which you can listen to below:

For the latest updates on the heart-warming short film, check out the Mr. Plastimime Official Facebook Page.