Equal Pay 88 – Close The Gap

Earlier this year we asked ADCAN how we could get involved in helping out emerging talent in the industry.

We devised a plan where entrants into the ADCAN competition could contact us if they wanted help with their music.

Director Peter Jones alongside producer Kunyalala Ndlovu contacted us regarding helping them on their film ‘Equal Pay 88’ for the Fawcett Society – with a focus on closing the Gender Pay Gap.

We paired Peter and Kone with an upcoming composer Ben Pearson, who worked with our production team to compose all the music for the film.

Last month ‘Equal Pay 88’ won its category, and today, the day in 2017 when a woman on an average wage stops being paid relative to their male counterparts, we are proud to share the film.


Guide Dogs – Changing Lives Across The UK

Following composing the music for ‘Guide Dogs’ most successful campaign ever with ‘Who Knew‘ in 2016, we were asked to create two soundtracks for the new campaign with two films ‘Twins’ and ‘Boxing Day’.

Once again working alongside agency Proximity London, production company Arthur and Martha and director Morgan Hutchins, we composed a stripped back track created to help display the strain upon the lives of people who suddenly go blind. The opportunity to receive a Guide Dog can help change the lives of sufferers, offering a sense of freedom which may have suddenly been taken away. You can sponsor a Guide Dog puppy here.

Mcasso’s Mike MacLennan composed both tracks for the new campaign.

Simon’s Cat ‘Off To The Vet’ – The Full Film

For the first time, the full film of Simon’s Cat ‘Off To The Vet’ is now available for all to watch on YouTube.

Having worked with Simon Tolfield himself over a period of months with respect to all audio aspects to the film (including original theme, incidental music, sound effects, foley and audio post production), we’re very proud see it publicly available.

Working for Mcasso, Stuart Hancock composed the original theme and incidental music, using a variety of orchestral instruments to character themes and heighten the playfulness or tension, where necessary.

Original sound effects and foley were created and recorded by Mcasso’s Dave Reynaud and Tom Martin, working alongside Simon, who records all the different character voices in the film. You can find out more in the Behind the Scenes films.

It’s Just A Sample

Something old, something new,

Something sampled, something for you!

Our Samples Playlist, especially created for LBBOnline – you might just recognise some of these…

Live From The Virgin Media Chapel

Working with BBDO, we composed the music for Virgin Media’ new campaign, featuring the King himself (kind of).

A gritty contemporary rock track composed by Mcasso’s Richard Atkinson plays as ‘Elvis’ struts his stuff in front of the adoring Virgin Media Chapel congregation.

Thank you very much 🕺

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

We worked with Leo Burnett to arrange and produce a soft acoustic version of the children’s song for Fairy.

We invited singer Rachel D’Arcy to our studios to record the vocals, whilst Mcasso’s Richard Atkinson re-wrote the piece piano and acoustic guitar – which accompanies the touching film.

Mini Countryman ‘A Room With A View’

We worked with Arthur & Martha and Brooklyn Brothers on Mini Countrymen’s ‘A Room With A View’ campaign.

Featured in multiple spots, our uplifting electronic track, composed by Richard Atkinson, aids the beautiful imagery as Mini seek people to join them in escaping the city – and making the most of the great outdoors.

Meet Buttons – The Animatronic Cadbury Cow

When Cadbury found that a third of children couldn’t identify that milk came from cows, and one in eight London city children are unaware that cows moo, they created Buttons – and brought him to London!

We provided the moosic for the heartwarming spot. 🐄