Eight Go Travelling: The Road To Saigon

Mcasso worked with Optomen over a period of months to compose original titles and incidental music for the BBC Two four part series. Featuring four celebrity duos putting their driving skills and relationships to the test, the stars join in on a part of the Endurance Rally Association’s 'Road to Saigon' in a fleet of classic cars.

Combining retro South-East Asian Go-Go style beats with classic 'caper' elements, along with a selection of spiritual and emotional pieces, our composing team of Richard Atkinson, Dave Reynaud, Sam Worskett and Mike MacLennan worked together to create over 20 original tracks for the series.

  • Client BBC Two
  • Production Company Optomen
  • Composers Richard Atkinson, Dave Reynaud, Sam Worskett, Mike MacLennan
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